Cheers for 'Library Manager'

Steinberg’s ‘Library Manager’ really does work well…just saying.

Now that I’ve used it and understand it well (and finally noticed the links/pointers that are created back on the main drive locations) I’m thrilled.

Just saying. Quality stuff.

How do the links and pointers work? I don’t really understand what is going on behind the scenes.

How does it work? Typically you want to load your VST Sounds onto a HD (SSD is best) that is not your C Drive. This way the Library can be directed to these files and you can simply use your plugins or VST instruments that use these sound files and everything will work as if the sound files are on your C Drive.

So install your Library Manager on your C drive within your Steinberg file (the install is automatic), and then find you VST Sound file (if you’ve already installed Cubase without the Library Manager). Now find a HD and move this ‘VST Sound’ folder to it. If you’re nervous you can copy and past, and then rename the original folder (so that Cubase can’t find it). After the new folder/files are found by the Library Manager you will want to delete this renamed folder and it’s files from the C Drive. They are typically taking up 26G of C Drive space - don’t bog down your C Drive…

OK, next question: How does the plugin or VST instrument find the new VST Sound file? When you open an instrument or plugin, Cubase will ask you where the VST Sound file is. Go through the process, browse for the file, and select it. After Cubase finds just one file in this newly created VST Sound folder, the Library Manager will typically find all of your other sound files and then list them in the Library Manager under the various instrument sub folders at the top of the Manager. Open Halion for example, then click on ‘Details’ of the various sub headers that appear. You should discover that ALL of your VST Sound files are in the same VST Sound folder. Further…if you created your new VST Sound folder on your E Drive, you will see that all of the location listings that appear in ‘Details’ should all begin with E/VST Sound/…

Library manager isn’t bad at all…but what is REALLY cool is the media bay. I LOVE being able to show sounds rated 3 stars and above and hide the low rated sounds so I don’t have to go through them all the time.