Cheese Grater Mac Pro: SSD ?

Hey everyone,

what are your opinions on SSDs for the cheese grater macs both as a system drive and audio drive?
With prices tumbling I and my hdds getting 2 years old I feel like this time I might make the switch. I use Nuendo 7 on 10.11 and do mostly audio post for tv (many tracks with a lot of very small audio events and video) What are your experiences?

I highly recommend putting in an SSD in the old Mac Pro, we have several with them and the improvement is substantial. We’ve tried them as an audio drive, they work well but that’s not our normal config.

Do some research on using Trim with MacOS. The short version - non-original SSDs are not supported for Trim in MacOS. There are third party alternatives some of which OS10.11 broke. Our solution has been to not worry about third-party trim and purchase drives with garbage collection; during maintenance periods we boot the Mac into a Recovery partition and let it sit powered up overnight, this will get the drive to entirely clean itself up.