Cherry Audio crashes cubase 12

Hi there. For some reason Cherry Audio plugins crashes Cubase even with latest version. I don’t want to completely uninstall Cubase and start again as this has caused me issues before. So please is there another solution like deleting hidden system files from Cherry Audio ? I use other DAW’s and don’t get the same problem so it points to a Cubase issue?


Attach the crash/dmp file to be able to find out, if the crash is in the plug-in or in Cubase, please.

To get the plug-in rid of your system completely, just uninstall it.

if it helps the message I get is The digital signature of the object did not verify. location of the file is WINTRUST.dll

can you

Also, please add your system info to your profile here:

It really makes a difference.

Hi - I’ve looked at in the Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps/ folder but the folder does not exist?

You have to ask Cherry Audio.

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Only happens on Cubase Steve as already stated. Works fine on Reason and Studio One

Looked up on Internet replacing the WINTRUST.DLL file but worried this may cause more issues than solve unless anyone has tried this and worked?

Someone suggested repair all versions of CC Mircosoft which I have done but still getting “The digital signature of the object did not verify. location of the file is WINTRUST.dll” Again only happens on Cubase not other DAWs?

Paste this into the Windows Start Menu search field, it will take you to that folder:

Unfortuntely Steve I must have turned this off so it would not reaccure so I cannot find a particular one for this in the folder. Can I turn this back on some how?