chicken shack at night

don’t take that too serious - but sometimes I just have to cluck along some tunes :open_mouth:


okee, not too serious, but mixwise…Not bad, put it too good use I would say!

I would say it was crispy, but not too greasy. Nice job.

got a good laugh…definitely not “ckickensh**t”



:mrgreen: nice to get a laugh out of you all


Good song!

  • Nice and clear mix.
  • High in entertainment value, which says quite a bit because it’s easy to fall into the “me too” group when it comes to synth-based pop. (Though I do like the “synth boogie” comment that someone made on the track page.) This song keeps me engaged and, in fact, I was surprised that the song was over when it ended. :laughing:

This reminds me of something…For devices with mass storage, Roland used to provide sample disks to show off the capabilities of the device. The XP-50 came with such a demo disk, and one of the songs was called Flying Chicken. :smiley:

lol, that’s pretty good :slight_smile: