"Child"-buses for External FX - how to?

Hi all,

a surprisingly basic question: Is there a way to create “Child”-buses for External FX like we can do for hardware-outputs?

Example: I own the (now legacy) SSL XLogic Multichannel Compressor which offers a 5.1 mode as well as a dual stereo mode. If I now create a 5.1 External FX for this box I have no chance to use it as stereo insert in another project unless I delete the 5.1 entrance. :-/

… it’s also cumbersome in case of mono boxes, like my vintage Neve channel strips, which I can’t combine in pairs of two (or even as a 6-channel insert for surround work) without constantly re-defining the connections.

The most straight-forward solution would be the same “Child Bus”-structure we find in the Output section of the ASIO connections. I thought that at least the External FX “Favorites” would take care for that issue, but this seems to be wrong.

Is there something I missed …?


… chirp, chirp, chirp …

… I take this as a “no”, then. What a shame. Renders a good concept much less useful …

Yeah, it’s been this way (crap) forever… As soon as you assign an i/o connection anywhere else, it is removed form your external fx routing. I made a post about how I handle this by storing multiple versions of the ExternalFX XML page, but it’s still a big hassle. REALLY wish they’d put some effort into this part of the software.

The “Favorites” were a (half-hearted) step in that direction. It’s still extremely cumbersome to deal with when you switch often between projects which make different use of External FX.