chillout whithout drums

made in cubase 6.53

I liked the overall sound of it and the pace. But I found it a bit unsettling that the bass piano notes were so far to the left of my headphones. The melody piano line was good too, but again was positioned in a bit of an awkward place. I liked the composition overall, but it’s how all the instruments are panned that kinda makes it hard work to listen to on headphones at least. Good going so far :slight_smile:

Loved it…really nice piece though i did keep hearing “Greensleeves” or parts of it t least…but I acknowledge that it is extremely hard to be totally original nowadays…Kevin

your music is heaven !!

Love the way the orchestra support the piano !!

Love the way the guitar stays audible above the orchestra!!

Love the way the oboe support the guitar ad other parts !!

I can picture this in a movie where the loved one is leaving and everyone waving good bye on cold winters day. it paints a picture.

the only thing I would have done is to bring in the strings a little bit earlier in support of the piano solo. But wonderful work, you can write a movie score !!

Your heading says without drums, imo don’t bring any drums into the picture, this is perfect as it is !!

Thank you all for your pro. comments about this little piece;
perhaps i must remix it concerning panning as Jonathan5456 say.

shadowfax , about the “Greensleeves” réminiscence (in french) it’s possible because i was classical musician before doing electronic music…

MFox, i like the way you listen the music … it’s the thru story of this theme made for an ex girl friend, you’re right…

thank you so much :wink:

Very nice, I like it too.
I agree on the comments on panning, it’s allright for the bass notes to be more to the left, but this is a bit too far. The high notes don’t go to the right though, which I thought was a bit odd. Great piece!

Great piece of music,defiantly fix the piano maybe approach it as if you were sitting in audience. I know many people like a wide stereo field but you have to be careful to make it sound realistic. The strings/gtr sounds great very tasteful arrangement, heart felt and not overdone. Hats off to you Philippe!