Chimes not sounding after installing hollywood east/west

i am running dorico 5 with noteperformer 4 and hollywood east west… sounds great except that my chimes are now silent… they are writtten as f#5. if i lower to f#4 i hear a sound but this would be incorrect for the score … what do i need to do? i tried changing to tubular bells as a test but that had the same result

What does the EW manual list as the range (before & after octave transposition) of their Chimes (which are the same instrument as Tubular Bells in most cases)?

ok. some more… standard range is C4-F5, so F5# won’t work. bad mistake on my part. however when i move to f#5 i do get a sound but the score shows the red out of range indicator. instruments.xml says standard range is c4-f5_

and the answer, sort of, is that when i went to the new edit instruments feature i found that middle c for chimes was set to c5 and the range was set to c5-f6
i changed this to middle c = c4 and range c4-f5.
when i looked at instruments.xml, it look ok. so… what happened in the upgrade. feels like a conversion bug to me.