chipmunks when song is exported, also playing softsynth

I got a problem with my Lexicon Lambda. Project is setted up to 48khz and 24 bit. No matter how I export audio - MP3 or WAV or anything else still its exported in higher pitch.
Funny that my keyboard KORG nanokontrol is playing higher pitch in software synths when i play live on some controller
Please help !

Make sure Project- and soundcard samplerate match…
And stick to one thread instead of posting the same things in several.

Thank you for advice. Anyway I know where I can set smple rate for project but where can I set sample rate for sound card ? (manual says sample frequency for lexicon lambda is 44,1 kHz to 48kHZ and is setted in DAW) My project in CUBASE is setted to 48khz 24bit. Where am I doing mistake?

I don´t own a Lexicon Lambda so I don´t know
But chipmunks indicates your soundcard´s samplerate is higher than the audio file´s or project´s samplerate.

I’ve had that when you play 44.1k in a project running 48k. I’ve had that problem because I work in 48k but lots of things are 44.1.

My sound system has ASIO drivers for DAW and WDM drivers for windows system files.

Doesn’t normally happen, usually some sort of problem going on where something changed the sample rate possibly.

Does your interface have control software?

That’s where you can set your sample rate.