Steinberg says the motherboard and chipset(s) play a huge roll in the DAW performance but offer no specifics. Are there any motherboard/chipsets known/proven to be good or bad/incompatible. (I’m running a Quad 9550 on Intel G41 chipsets but may be changing.) After 4-5 (non-Cubase) VST’s its about out of gas.

For example:

Trilian Bass module
Native instruments Kontact
Steinberg Grand 3
14-16 audio tracks, and effects.

Processors about done. Does this sound about right or poor performance?

Possibly something else going on. I run non Cubase plugs all the time, multiple instances on multiple tracks with no problems. Perhaps detailing your setup will help, Cubase version, XP, Win7 32/64, internet connection? graphics card, etc., would help get more responses.

Hi, thanks I run Cubase 5.5 64 on windows Vista 64. Every aspect of Vista is optimized.(for audio DAW speed) The system runs nothing but my DAW.

Hey PeterPav !

Hm. Have you checked your RAM ? - Since all of these non-cubase plugs are sample based - and take a lot of RAM - I suppose, that the reason is not really to be found in the chipset or processor speed… Next to being out of memory, it can also be the harddisk, not fast enough to deliver the huge amount of samples at the same time, but this cannot be known at all, from what you said in your posts… What exactly are the symptoms ? - What your computer is doing in detail, which makes you think, it´s “out of gas” ? - What is your interface (internal/external, connection method) ? - What says “CPU” and “HDD” Meter in Cubase ? - What is the CPU and Memory Usage in Task-Manager (Windwos) ? - Does the usage of something significantly change down, if you disable one of these plugins, but the most always when disabling a special one ?


Thanks for the response. I had 4G of RAM and went to 8G, the symptom there was a runtime error and Cubase freeze. The 8G have fixed that. I’m pretty sure its just the CPU, the perfomance window shows the CPU peaked out and the system distorts when it peaks. I’m running a Focusrite FW interface, raising the buffer helps but only to a point. I’m really just curious because my Motherboard died, so I ordered a new one thats supposed to be good on multimedia. I will check the HDD drive meter also, but the few times I did it was barely reading a load. IDK?