Chity Somapala - Photographic Breath (Soundbytes)

Hey Guys,
I would love to share this with all of you the soundbytes from my upcoming solo release “Photographic Breath”

Thank you
Chity Somapala

Interesting soundbites…not sure what you’d do with em though, I like the song at the end, sounds like something Vicky Leandros would sing and Scooter would make a disco hit out of…really good !! ( probably not what you wanna hear though )

All I gonna do is sell the music:) well the song at the end doesn’t seem to me a Vicky Leandros song:) I take your comments as a compliment though:)

they were meant as a compliment !!

Thank you indeed brother:)

Same with other people that post short clips, can’t really form a complete opinion just from short clips of each piece. Nice vibe in the pieces though, particularly the percussion sounds good. Good luck with licensing them.