Choice of Monitor Speakers


It’s been awhile since I’ve had a hardware question, but can anyone make any recommendations on nice monitor speakers around $100? What I’d like to do is have my current ipod dock in the center connected to my CI’s stereo headphone jack and the two monitor speakers on either side each connected to my mono line outs. I’ve checked out the M Audio AV 30’s and the Samson MediaOne 3A’s-are these good speakers?

Now I’m looking at the connections, and I need this to connect to my CI’s mono line outs. I don’t understand alot about speakers and stuff, since I’ve never really owned any, aside from my Sony ipod dock. Therefore I’m not sure if all monitor speakers can make that connection. I cant tell much from the images of the ones I’ve viewed online. :neutral_face:

Are the speakers I mentioned above good for this price range or are there better options?

Ideally for your CI1 you would be looking for something that each speaker has a 1/4" balanced TRS or XLR input.

It looks like the speakers you mention have RCA inputs only. You would need to run unbalanced 1/4" TS -> RCA from interface to speakers.

I’m not sure if you can find anything in that price range with balanced inputs.

Hey there Mr. Scab Pickens, thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ve been looking at different cables that could make this connection. What would be nice is to use these new speakers alongside my current ipod dock, the ipod dock being connected to the Stereo phones jack and the speakers to each of the mono line outs. Do you know of a cable that can do this (Dual RCA to Dual TRS I guess?) or will I need to buy another y cable that will split the stereo signal into two monos?

Haha and I wonder how many connections you can force it through before losing sound, as I have experienced that before with headphones.

For that setup you would need something like this …

If you could somehow manage to spend another $50, the next step up M-Audio AV 40 has balanced 1/4" TRS inputs (as well as RCA). A 1" bigger woofer, too …

In which case you would need something like this …

If you run unbalanced lines try to keep the length as short as you can get away with.

Either way, I don’t see why you would have any problems running things the way you describe.

I have been emailing one of the tech’s at Hosatech and he linked me to the pro version of the cable in your first link. He said these 1/4" ends are indeed monos and will therefore work with my interface. I haven’t decided for sure on speakers, right now I’m seriously looking at the Samson MediaOne 3a’s. The 3a’s have 30 watts and the 4a’s 40 watts. I’d hate to look back and regret missing that extra power over $50. How much difference is there really in your opinion?

Thanks man I really appreciate you helping me out.

I can’t really help you on picking a pair. I haven’t heard any you are looking at.

If I had to decide between the Samsons and M-Audios without seeing, feeling, and hearing them I would have to go with the M-Audios just because they don’t have a picture of a couple dudes playing video games and eating potato chips on their main product page :laughing: .

Maybe someone else will stumble along who has some personal experience with the products you are looking at.

Wait, what’s wrong with playing video games and eating potato chips again? :confused: :sunglasses:

Haha. I bought the speakers, so maybe I’ll be having that much fun once they arrive… :laughing:

seriously doubt it.