Choice on or off of player's name in Full score per flow possible?

For educationaé purpose, the best way I found to work with several flows and layout master pages is:
I use full score and use flows with only players I need choosed in the setup page
But I would like to have the possibility to have or not the player’s name
If I have a flow with four players, I would like to have players name at left of staves
If I have a flow only one player I don’t want to the players name at the left of the staves.
Is it possible? I don’t find ?! it seems that it’s global
(For the moment I export each page in pdf and edit after in Affiny designer)

I feel like you’re talking about Staff Labels? In which case, they are able to be turned on or off in each layout i.e. if you have a different layout for each flow you can easily do this:

Layout Options>[select the layout you want to change]>Staves and Systems>Staff Labels>Staff labels on first system = Full or None (if you don’t want them).

I can’t think of a way to do it if all the flows are in a single layout…

If you’re talking about the layout name at the top left of the page, you can use the {@playerlist@} token instead of the {@layoutname@} token. But any flows with only one player will still show that player name (and not be empty). You’d have to delete the text/text box (a page override) on any pages that you don’t want to see a name…

Thanks but it’s global I want per flow:
A picture is better to explain

This is entirely possible; you can turn on and off staff labels at any system break. Hiding/Showing staff labels at system/frame breaks

Nice work!

Thanks Great! You made my day! But as we are in week-end, for the second day: can we do in same context the same for Fretted Instruments with TAB: show/Hide per flow?

Not directly. Use 2 Players one with TAB and one without and enable the one you need for each Flow.

That’s what I feared.
I think too complicated for my head to have mix flavours for educational purpose with in one page)!
I suppose that we should do like this?:
Duplicate player and copy flow by flow the music of this player. Than create a new flow and draw frame with sometimes one and sometimes the other …
I will try but I suppose that I will soon be lost…Dommage!
For the moment,I will export all the player with notation and Tab in pdf and open it in Affinity Designer and remove some parts.
Or perhaps export slices
Unless there’s a better, easier solution than the one I’ve described.
best regards

I think you’re overcomplicating this. As far as your screenshot is concerned, further up the thread, you don’t need to be drawing frames. Have two players in Setup mode, both assigned to the layout. Give one of them tab and notation, and the other just notation. Assign the correct player to the correct flows in Setup mode.

I will try and do another picture of what exactly Iwould like to have if I can’t achieve to the result.

I come back to you with pictures of what I would like to have.
Again it’s for educational purpose and make a template in Dorico that I can reuse and change the notes
What I would like to have: Do you think it is possible?

In Dorico, after having create a new flow without player, I draw some music frame from existing flows, I obtain this with some inconvenience:
every extract began from measure 1 of existing flow and Staff name reappears ( the second point is not realy essential)

Will each example have musical notes in it when you use it?

yes excerpts (passages) of musical notes existing flow but not always from measure 1

Here is a kind of proof-of-concept. Unfortunately that samples can be no longer than will fit in the width of the music frame provided, so excerpts from the various full flows would have to be copied into the flows shown here.

Perhaps one of our gurus can solve that problem.
shortSamples.dorico (720.5 KB)

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I just ran into this with a client the other day. He had written a very long and complex piece for musical theater, and in the piano-vocal score, he wanted to hide and show staff labels in a flexible way: namely, the piano label never shown, and the vocal staff labels sometimes shown.

I know there are a handful of solutions, but they all are a bit fiddly. What would be perfect is the ability to select staff labels anywhere and hide them, resulting in a signpost. EDIT: or alter their properties in the bottom panel to display short name, or a custom text.


great thanks for your time and sharing
I understand your idea, sure i will use it, there was also once an example to show how to write a John Cage score…very good idea.
But my concept is a bit different, to write variable geometry music
and I think you’re right, maybe you have to go through paste-copy?!

The idea of my concept could be formulated for simplify, ta bit like this
Flow 1: Piece No1
Flow 2: Piece No2
Flow 3: Piece No3
Flow 4 etc.
And now what I want: create a new Flow named for example : “daily bread” where I can put inside frames with extracts of each piece’s difficulties. For example measure 7-12 from piece 1, then another frame with measures 15-19 from Flow 2, etc…
And I change something in Piece 1 or 2 …it reflects to "daily bread’ flow
But I thnk that Dorico can’t do that
Best regards

+1! Big band setups with reed doublers end up involving a lot of goofy workarounds with adding spaces to names, etc. (Show player name instead of instrument name obviously is unusable as it won’t reflect the instrument changes in the abbreviated label.) In Finale it’s quite easy to change any staff label at any point to anything you want through several ways: Group names, staff styles, etc. I’d love to see that flexibility come to Dorico.