Choice with/without Playback Template before opening

Sometimes, I have to quickly open a Dorico File just to export a part, take a quick look at something, check… you name it.
Most of my files are pretty large and need a lot of instances to be loaded, since I mostly write for symphonic Big Band (with harp, strings and woodwinds) and a large percussion section.You can imagine it takes time to “quickly have a look”.

Now, if another Dorico file was already open, this wouldn’t bother me, because I’ve checked the setting not to apply a playback template when opening another file on top of the already opened file.

So if this is possible, can it be hard to implement a choice before opening a file when Dorico is NOT active yet?
This would be great: open with / without template
This would be awesome but not what I’m asking, just thinking broather: open with … (template of choice)

Thanks for looking into this, and if I somewhat missed what’s already there, sorry!

You can set Preferences whether or not to activate the first project (and you can set preferences from the Hub)