Choir 1 and 2

Hi, all.

I’ve just started trying out Dorico, and I’m getting to grips with players and layouts. I can think of some arrangements where I divide a four part choir to make SSAATTBB, and want to see them in that order for some parts of the piece, but then want to see them as SATB-SATB (and labelled Choir 1/Choir 2) for others where they are operating as double choir (this is all in the same flow).

Is there a way to achieve this (or will there be) in Dorico?

It looks as though the player set would ideally change halfway through a flow, because otherwise the divisi players (like Soprano I/II) won’t be able to be sorted into the two choir groups.



At the moment Dorico has nothing more elegant to offer you than what Sibelius and Finale do in this regard, in that you would need to create redundant players to handle the places where vocal lines split and join, hiding the unwanted ones. In the fullness of time, however, the plan is for Dorico to provide much more intelligent support for this kind of project, and others besides.

Thanks, Daniel. I’m looking forward to playing with these features when they arrive, as I do some pretty involved vocal scores for a cappella choruses.