Choir Condensing Clef Problems

Hi, I’m trying to condense a choir (SATB) score.

  1. S+A no probs.
    2a. T+B: Tenor is usually notated with an octavated violin clef. But if I do this, the condensed staff is also notated with that octavated violin clef. :frowning:
    2b. T+B: If I change the clef of the Tenor system from octavated violin to bass clef, the octave position changes. C4 becomes C5. :frowning:
    2c. T+B: For the correct condensed result (see attachment) I need to input wrong octave positions in the bass system. :frowning:

Did I make mistakes or did I find a bug?

A C4 notated in octavated violin clef is played as a C3, correct?

Could I be choosing a clef for a custom condensing group?

Thank you and kind regards,

The Tenor Singer sound in HALion is treated as a transposing instrument, which causes problems when combined with Bass on a Bass Clef.
Edit: (See Leo’s comment below: this has been fixed if the parts are combined by condensing.)

One can change the transposition with an Expression Map or within the HALion Player itself for the MIDI slot containing the Tenor voice, but that will have adverse effects when the Tenor voice appears on its own G staff.

IIRC there is an option projected for the Tenor G Clef in the next update, arrival date not yet announced.

This was fixed in 3.1.10 (and definitely plays back correctly - I’ve just tried). Have you updated?