Choir Dynamics Playback doesn't seem to work

Hello there!

I’m using the Tallinn choir vst by Orchestral Tools and it’s sounding really beautiful, but I can’t get the dynamics to play back.
I’ve had the same issue with NotePerformer some time ago (now it works just fine), no clue when or how that resolved itself.

Is it an issue with the VST? It’s been out for only a couple of days, so maybe they didn’t add such a feature, but if so: how can I fix it?
In play mode, velocity and dynamics levels are set to the extreme, but I get the same results.

You need to create an Expression Map for the Choir, that tells Dorico what MIDI instructions to send for dynamics (and everything else). Are the dynamics controlled by CC1, or Note Velocity, or CC7 (volume), or…

You’ll need to look at the Tallinn choir documentation (or the info in the SINE player) to see what switches trigger what.