Choir label issue?


I am sure there must be a very simple answer to this, but I would like my lable for my choir to read
S.1 and S.2 but instead something keeps over ruling this to make it appear as the screen shot is showing.

In engrave mode I have it set so that each instrument reads 1 and 2 as screen shot will show.

Any thoughts to contribute wuld be welcome


Your sopranos are section players. Your screenshot shows the numbering styles for solo players. Scroll down further in Engraving Options > Staff Labels and you’ll find the Numbering style for section players.

Also, you probably pressed Return at the end, when you renamed the second Sop, which is why the II is on the line below the S.

(It’s annoying the Dorico doesn’t display the cursor when it is at the right hand margin, so you can’t see if you did this by accident!)

Thank you Leo - you are clever!

OK, one more issue, why do you think the formatting of my soprano 2 is sitting below the S? I would like it to be the same as Soprano 1.

I have fussed alot with this in the SET UP window under EDIT name and usually this fixes the issue but not this time. Here is my screen shot

It’s almost definitely what Rob said. Put the (invisible) cursor immediately after the “S.” in the Short Names field, then type Delete (or Fn-Backspace if you don’t have a Delete key).

I thought I had tried that… But I did it again and it totally solved it. THANK YOU!