Choir names in capitals?

I just started a project with choir for the first time and Dorico enters the choir staff names all in capitals. I can edit the staff names to use lowercase letters and they still show up as capitals. Why is this, and how do I change it? I’ve looked everywhere I can think of (including this forum).

You can change this in the Engraving options. I’m not in front of my computer, so I can’t be more precise at the moment.

The option is indeed in Engraving Options, on the Staff Labels page. It’s a convention commonly used in at least British publishing to show the names of vocal parts in upper case, and I suppose my British background shows in the default I have chosen for that!

Writing a staff name in capitals feels like shouting. Do we still need to be shouting at singers?

You haven’t met my choir! :wink:


I forget which famous conductor described choristers as "the most troublesome species of wind instrument ever invented. " :slight_smile:

This thread is just getting better and better (and I say that as a former chorister for many years).