choir reduction question


I am playing around with the new reduction feature, and ran into a snag. The choir piece has quite a bit of contrapuntal writing, and so I’m getting tons of word collisions.

I’m curious if there is a way to reduce that puts soprano words on top, alto words below, and the same for tenor/bass?

My primary goal is to provide a piano score that’s fewer pages. For another piece, I did a manual reduction using pasting into voices, and changing the location of the text/dynamics for that voice, which worked well, so I can still continue with that if necessary. But the reduce feature is so shiny and new I’d love to be able to use it in 1 click :slight_smile:



CelloG, from a logical view if you Paste into Voices you will have a possibility to filter by voice and then by text.
If you take the Reduction way you refrain yourself from that possibility.

What I suggest you do in this case is select the staff that is destined to have lyrics above and use the Edit > Lyrics menu to change the placement of the lyrics to Above before you copy the material to the clipboard and then Reduce.

Thanks Daniel, appreciate the tip

Sorry for bumping an old topic, but on the same lines - is there a way we can customise the reduction feature? It would be handy if you can choose whether to amalgamate unison harmonies (as it does), or keep them in separate voices - or is there already a way of doing this? I second the request for automatic lyric placement - must be quite the programming challenge though to account for everything!

Many thanks

No, at the moment there are no options that affect the operation of the Reduce feature, but it’s something we have talked about and may implement in the future.