Choir reduction staff won't hide

Hello Dorico users
I’m writing a Christmas carol descant part, but the top line of the choir reduction won’t hide. I’ve checked “Allow individual staves to be hidden” in Vertical Spacing > Hide Empty Staves.
Anyone got any ideas on why this line won’t hide. It’s attached. See lower part of page 2.
(PS It’s still the last version of Dorico 2. Upgrading is on my to-do list.) (333 KB)

A. You haven’t checked “allow individual staves to be hidden” in the Full Score layout.
B. This option only applies to Solo Players, and the Choral Reduction you have is held by a Section Player.

For A., check the option. For B, add a new Solo Player, then drag the unnamed Choral Reduction instrument from the Section Player to the Solo Player. Then delete the now empty-handed Section Player.

Hello Leo, Many thanks indeed. That solved my problem. I didn’t realize that “allow individual staves to be hidden” only applies to Solo Players.
Now it will look tidy for today’s rehearsal. :slight_smile: