Choirs VST black Friday sale (OT)

For all you choir fans, Aurora choirs are now on sale. Sopranos and Tenors only, but at $40 that’s a great bargain. You make them ‘custom sing’ phrases too (not in as much detail as EW Hollywood Choirs and EW Symphonic Choirs, but if just want custom ‘fantasy’ lyrics the realism is better I think).

Happy Thanksgiving all!

When it says requires “Full Version” of Kontakt, what does that mean? I have a version of Kontakt that came with Soundiron Requiem Light.

It means the package requires more than just the free Kontakt Player.

The full version is also 50% off right now.

So, $40 for Sops and Altos, unspecified amount for Tenors and Basses, and another $199 for the privilege of playing the samples!

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There ain’t no Tenors or Basses. They’re pushing it again at the discounted price, and I’m just pondering whether to get it. Right enough it’s hardly a bargain if you need to buy Kontakt to run it. Being that old, though, I wonder whether the current Kontakt Player (v.6) might handle it.