choking on cymbals

Hi all,

This is my first post here, so bear with me :wink:

I have this strange issue in cubase elements 9 that after some random time (mostly between 2 and 5 minutes) my 2 cymbal sounds change into choked cymbal sounds. First I thought It was my drum module (megadrum) or my Drum VST plugin (Superior Drummer). But whenever I play in the standalone version of superior drummer, this doesn’t happen. It only happens when I use Cubase.

I’ve tried another VST drum plugin, but then this issue also appears. So I’m quite confident it is Cubase that does this.

I’ve opened the midi monitor in Superior drummer and started playing in Cubase. And after 3 minutes the choking sound appeared again. first on 1 cymbal, and then the other (i’ve got 2 cymbals in my setup). But looking closely at the midi monitor the note didn’t change. So my drum module is still giving the same, and superior drummer is still registering the same note (note 57) but whenever I hit the cymbal the sound is choked. If I use my mouse and click on the cymbal in Superior drummer it plays the unchocked sound.

Can anyone guide me in solving this issue, since it’s really annoying playing with choked cymbals.


Hi ad welcome,

Try to increase ASIO Buffer Size, please.

Thanks Martin,

I’ve tried this, but it didn’t solve it yet. I even switched from USBmidi to regular midi, but that also didn’t make a difference. It really lookss like cubase is doing something funky here.


Could you export and share the sound without and with the issue?