Choose color of creating a new event (is there a setting for "active" color)?

So I know this is a very niche issue but as a power user I’m always looking to improve my workflow :sunglasses:

So I have a template set up with an Arranger Track at the top for me to map out the structure of songs. Now almost always, the songs start with: Intro - Verse - Pre - Chorus, and I use specific colors for those parts (which are the colors right after the other in my palette). However, I recently updated my template and now the first event I draw in the Arranger is a different color. And even if I change that first event the following events are (as. they should) that first, wrong color +1.

It’s really tedious since I do this many times a day. The first color isn’t even the first in the palette, which would make sense.

So my question is: what decides the color of the first drawn event on an Arranger track? How can I change it?


The tracks current color. If you haven’t changed the track color it is set in Preferences: