choose output for playback

I am using Cubase Elements 8. I am also using an Edirol UA-25 as an input for my guitar, and I am using a Korg padKontrol as a midi device for the drums. I am working on a pc with Windows 7.

I would like to route the output of a recording to the soundcard of the PC and not to the UA-25. So the inputs would be the UA-25 (guitar) and the padKontrol (midi drums). I would like to playback on my pc.

In Device>Device Setup>VST Audio System I have selected the UA-25.
In Device>Device Setup>MIDI.MIDI Port Setup I see - amongst others - the padKontrol as a MIDI input.

However, if I go to Devices>VST Connections>Outputs (tab) and try to add an output bus which I try to route to the ASIO driver which I have installed on my PC, I can only choose the UA-25 as an audio device. So I can only hear my playback on the UA-25.

Any advice on how I can achieve my goal?

Cubase on PC can only use one ASIO driver at a time so it is not possible to use one device for input and another for output.
You might be able to work around this using ASIO4all driver to combine the 2 devices under one driver.

I have Asio4all installed. Would this mean then that I would have to connect the UA-25 somehow to this driver. If so, could you give me some directions as how to do this?

I haven’t done this in many years but if you select ASIO4all as the Cubase driver and then open ASIO4all control panel from the task bar don’t you see both your built in and the UA listed?? may need to tick a box to activate specific ins and outs.

I’m sure you can find something online that will explain using ASIO4all with multiple interfaces.