"Choose Track Preset" window is empty in CB12

My ‘choose track preset’ window is empty in CB 12. The location tree shows one folder, Audio Files, no content. If I click ‘reset filter’ items flash in the window and are gone. My track presets are in the folders where they belong and are visable in the finder. They are visable in the project window when I view the left media pain (Freudian pane), They are visable in the MediaBay. But not in the 'Choose Track Preset withdow, nothing is. I am running OS 12.4, have REINSTALLED CB12 with no luck. I would welcome any suggestions. Thanks


Try to click both of the Reset buttons on the window, please.

Thanks Martin, for getting back so quickly. I tried both reset buttons with no result. Except that when I hit the reset with ‘attributes’ selected the files flash for less than a second then disappear.

Please follow these instruction, but replace “HALion Sonic SE_64” with “Cubase 12_64”:

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Thanks Romantique for your replay.
I did as you suggested replacing HALion Sonic SE with Cubase 12 folder (there was no Cubase 12_64 folder) and deleting listed files. As I relaunched Cubase I watched the finder window as it rebuilt the deleted files. It did NOT rebuild the ContentManager.xml file at first. I tested to see if the Choose Track Preset window acted as it should and it did not. Same issue, the files would flash and disappear. I noticed that as I quit Cubase, the ContentManage.xml was then rebuilt in the finder. I would welcome any further suggestions and thank you for you help so far.