Choosing a different hardware input in a track

In an existing audio track, is there a way to alter the hardware input? For example, if I had set it as a new track with a mono input from the interface, can I later alter that to stereo? It seems that a new track must be created.

If the channel configuration is the same, there is no need for a new track.
But you can assign a mono input to one side of a stereo track.

You can alter the hardware input, but you can’t change the track between mono and stereo. So if the current track is mono and you want a stereo track, you’ll need a new track.

That’s what I was trying to say… :wink:
Thanx Nico

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I thought so, but I also suspected that the original question may have been less about the inputs, and more about the mono/stereo track type.

It’s one of the modern Cubase quirks, that you can’t change tracks between mono and stereo anymore.

And I think, there’s also another side effect of having a mono track: Insert FX on a mono track seem to just work as mono fx.

So it seems more flexible in modern Cubase versions to just always use stereo tracks, even when recording a mono signal.

To change tracks would lead to a bunch of problems in the long run. But this is another academic discussion, where this is not the place to discuss this.

That’s what I suggested without clearly saying it…
See the above statement :wink:

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