Choosing the right audio interface for Cubase

Hello folks, hope you are all well. I’ve been doing a bit of head-scratching around the current gear I’m using for my setup. I’ve got an ESI Julia PCI card and have it setup for Cubase. It’s very nice and works well. However, I’ve got a couple of synths I need to record in Cubase so got a Scarlett interface from Focusrite. Thing is, Cubase only let’s me select either my ESI card or the Scarlett, so I’m in a noob situation of being able to record my VSTs with the card and Scarlett for the synths. Can anyone recommend a way I can mix up VSTs and hardware in the same recording and have them both running at the same time?


You could try using the ASIO4ALL driver, it lets you use them both, if they work with it.

Drivers are usually proprietary for a reason.

Lot better idea to get an interface that meets all your needs.