choosing tracks for variaudio...

is it possible to select different vocal tracks to show up at the same time in variaudio?
i have a lead vocal and 4 harmony vocals recorded!
would it be possible to work with all of those, or at least a couple of them, in one vaiaudio window?
i mean something like when you select "generate harmony voices!!
those voices all turn up in the same variaudio window, with different colors, to easily separate them!
but i want to do this with my own selection of vocal tracks, if possible!?

Surely only takes you 2 seconds to try this…

Sometimes the obvious is hidden. Just select several vocal events and hit enter. They all appear in the sample editor in different colors. In the toolbar you can choose the one to edit.

wow, that´s really an awesome feature :sunglasses:
thx a lot marQs, for helping out :slight_smile:

also thx to thinkingcap for…hmmm… bumping this thread… :wink:

You’re welcome :sunglasses: