Choosing voice of a note before entering

I’ve looked for answers on the forum and manuel, with no luck. When I want to enter a note now, there is a little number 3 by the caret…I believe showing which voice. How do I change that to a different voice. The notes in the 3rd voice are a triplet (in lower piano stave), and I’m trying to enter the notes on the upper stave, which is not in triplets. So I can’t just add the note to the 3rd voice and then move it, as it will mess up the triplet below. And a related question: can I add a note to the lower stave’ The caret always appears in the upper stave, even if I click in the lower. Then it will interfere with whatever I have in the upper stave.

Welcome back to the forum bburman! When in note input, you can cycle through all existing voices on the current staff by pressing V. (Pressing Shift-V creates a new voice, and will be indicated with a + sign beside the caret as well.)

To move the caret to other staves, just press the up/down arrow keys when the caret is active. You can also double-click the staff where you want to input notes, and that should show the caret on that staff.

Thanks, Lillie. The first part with pressing V works. The second part doesn’t, ie. doubke clicking in the lower stave, the caret always jumps up to the upper. When I use the down arrow, the caret moves to the next row of double staves. It seems like what should be simple here is complicated. So I figure I will create my notes on the upper stave, and then move them to the lower. But I entered triplets on the upper stave, and when I use M to move them to the lower, it just creates triplet rests in the upper, and the notes in the lower are no longer triplets. It seems I’ll need a few hours struggling with this, and I don’t have them today, so I’ll check in again later.

It sounds as though you have a broken piano staff, probably the result of a MIDI or MusicXML import. Your best bet is to create a new piano player and copy and paste the existing material into it. Then delete the old piano player.

If you’re moving triplet notes using Alt-M, it might be that you need to copy the triplet itself as well. In Dorico, notes can move very flexibly from being tuplets to being normal notes and so if you move notes without also moving the tuplet, they can just become normal notes again.

Thanks pianoLeo. I exported the piano part as an xml from Cubase, and there are often problems with that method. So I’m trying to copy the notes from the piano part to a new piano part. I created a new piano instrument. But it has no staves, and I can’t find any way to give it staves, so I can’t copy in the notes from the other piano part. What am I missing?

In Setup mode, assign this new player to the layouts and flows you’re working in.

Thank you all for the tips. It seems pianoLeo was right, that there was a problem with the piano stave that was imported as an XML…I couldn’t add notes to the bottom stave. I created the new piano part, assigned it to the flow, and copied the notes into it. Now I could enter notes on the bottom stave. Phew…until you figure out why such illogical problems have arisen and what to do about it, you can really fry a lot of nerves. It’s great how supportive and helpful people are in this forum.