Chopper not keeping proper sync all the time (possible bug)

Steps to recreate:

  1. Record or import audio into a track.

  2. Apply “Chopper” as a audio effect. (insert)

  3. Play back the project. Most of the time it is in proper sync but quite frequently not, hit and miss.

  4. Same problem when doing a audio mixdown.

Seems to be completely independent of the settings selected on Chopper.

Problem is the same in 5.5 as 5.5.3 (not checked earlier)

Anyone? Could someone please check on their rig? I’m guessing chopper is not a very popular thing to use.

not just me, smimilar thing here with older versions:

and here:

so what gives?

BTW from Australia here, so I have no access to Steinberg Support, this forum is all there is, and when no one including anyone from Steinberg replies it really makes you think wtf?

No problem here as long as I don’t loop the selection with chopper here and keep the chopping speed constant.
As soon as I loop a part it shifts the startingpoint.
Also when I automate the speed it shifts the startingpoint when I compare it to a recorded duplicate of automated part.

I don’t know if this is expected behaviour though because chopper does not restart on every bar or new note like you can do with for instance a lfo on a midicontrolled device (exactly the reason why I should not use it).

Maybe include your system specs in your sig, that makes support easier.
Not instantly refer to “bug” might help also, far to many people on the forum do that without any confirmation from other users. :wink:

thanks for the feedback, I thight all that gear list was just for bragging :smiley: I’ll amend mine when I get around to it.

So seems it’s not uncommmom to have issues with chopper.

I’m using a freeware vst instead of chopper now that’s works fine.

Moving over to C6, hopefully that might sort out some other issues I’m having.

Actually it’s often very useful for lurkers and supporters to diagnose a problem.