Chopping audio with hit points and extracting MIDI data

Is there a way to slice audio like a bbeat into separate files and have them triggered by MIDI notes derived from the hit points like Propellor heads Recycle does?
I have been able to get MIDI trigger notes using create MIDI notes in hit points but the notes are all on one key.
Idealey I would like different MIDI notes for each slice running in order so I can load the slices into GrooveAgent and trigger it with the MIDI pattern.
Can you please help ?
Thank you for your time.

Slice function in GA and then drag the ‘PATTERN’ thats loaded to a midi track and you’ll have all individual slices of audio and midi notes

With Cubase 12 you could also use the Sampler Track for this but this feature is, of course, not present in Cubase 9.

I am trying to create a drum library of single hits and MIDI files that trigger those hits to produce the original breakbeats.
Using this in Grooveagent I would like to play one beat and swap out single hits such as snares etc.
I have tried exporting kit and samples in GA but it does not export single hit samples just original whole sample file.
The only way I can see to export slices from my original sample is by using hit points in the audio editor.
When I use the hit point editor I set hit points, create slices and select event or range as region in audio advanced menu then bounce the created files in the pool editor.
This gives me separate hit samples but I need a MIDI track to trigger them to use them in GA.
I try to use the create MIDI notes in the hit point editor this gives me MIDI notes for the timing of the separate hits but all the MIDI notes are in one key.
I want the MIDI notes to be in assending or dessending order to trigger the slices sequentialy in GA to reproduce the breakbeat
That way I can play one bbeat in GA and replace different parts of it such as the snare drum with snare drums in other pre sliced beats.

Thank you for your time