Chopping drum breaks using Groove Agent

Please help if poss.

When attempting to chop a drum break (eg. Amen Bros) using Audio Editor into Groove Agent method I am having a little problem.

I know how to edit hitpoints/slice up the break into individual hits/sections and then ‘slice & close’ and drag into Groove Agent; however, this creates samples that are only as long as from one slice point to another whereas I want each sample to play from the starting slice point right to the end of the whole break (past all the subsequent slice points). I used to be able to do this in my previous platform but can’t figure it out on Cubase.

I’ve tried selecting the sliced and closed audio file in the arrange window and dragging to the right to lengthen all slices at once but to no avail…

I should end up with samples of ever decreasing lengths with the first slice being the longest and the last the shortest

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