chopping vocals like this...

Does any one know how to process vocals like in this song?

Thanks in advance


i could recommand using “groove agent” as an MPC sampler…then you slice the vocals so you get some slices on pads.
You can mess with the pitch of all pads (to get chipmunk voice for example)…and then play pads like a keyboard and find some melodies.

PS: i dont use GrooveAgentSE4, i have the full GrooveAgent4… so maybe you can’t slice loops in SE4, I cant remember but I really think you can !

Hope that helps, peace

groove agent with beat designer and/or any of the arpeggiators i.e apache 5, apache sx.
plus there are numerous plugin on the market. izotope stutter edit for example or drop your audio into loopmash. also any step sequencer i.e looperator from sugarbytes

This singer and the vocals are from Shruti Pathak if I researched correctly.
I dont think that this is chopped or edited but that this woman realy sings like this.

Aprils Fool

If I find time next week I will try to make a tutorial post on one of the techniques that is being used here.
Do you have a concrete acapella sample which we can use to try out and to demonstrate our approaches?

Otherwise here are some random pop acapellas (if you have anything else in mind feel free to let us know):


This is clearly her voice being played back on a sampler.

Interesting. We hear it a lot in dub step production. This song sounds to me like a real female vocal with variaudio and pitch correct, sampler even loopmash fx or the finger fx. A lot of changes it would be a lot of work to achieve this with groove agent alone…

It’s a real vocal. They took the original recording, sampled parts, and played it on a keyboard.