Choppy, Buggy and instrument drop in Dorico


I use dorico 3.5 with a macbook M1 on Montery.
I did find topics regarding my issue but could not find anything that helps due to most of them being directed toward Windows.
Usually, the exports I make works fine but on this project I’m working on, the export is choppy and instruments drop.

I use kontakt instruments that are pretty demanding but there is not problems in the playback itself.

I tried
WAV and MP3. Both not working
change sample rate ( always matching Dorico with the soundcard)
I tried my sound card and the default audio driver.
Tried different buffersizes
Tried to close every other programs

My guess is that if there was a way to slow down the export so that the system could adequatly deal with the export it would solve the problem. Now the export is about 5x faster than realtime playback.

I noticed in the past that my exports sounded fine but the sounds seemed to be a little higher quality if that make sense.

In the hope someone found something

I’ve found a workaround. It’s a little bit more time consuming but it seems to work for now.

There is a fonction in the export box to export instruments as seperate files. So I’ve done that. rebuilt it in a DAW and voilà it worked ! No instrument dropping if I proceed like this.

A plus is you can make a litle mix so it sounds better.

Hope this can help a fellow in need.

Audio export should work fine, so workarounds shouldn’t be necessary.

If it’s just one project: how large is it? What sample libraries are you using? Have a look at Activity Monitor, to see if you are using large amounts of CPU or RAM. (Even so, an M1 Mac should cope flawlessly, even using D3.5 on Rosetta.)

Hello thanks for your answer.

The samples are Cinematic studio instruments and some spitfire. It’s 7 instruments in total.

I looked at my activity monitor. I’m using about 14go on 16 and the CPU is not even working. (about 20%)