Choppy Cursor Scrolling in 9.5

Do you have a 4K or 5K screen?

No, Apple Cinema 27" 2560 by 1440 pixels and ATI Radeon HD 7950 MAC edition graphics card.

Apple Cinema 27" 2560 by 1440 pixels

Do you see a difference with WaveLab 9.1? Here on a similar setup, graphics are faster with 9.5

I can confirm that on my 27 inch 5k iMac 9.1 is flawless and scrolls and behaves perfectly while 9.5 runs at about half the frame rate at all times.

Plugins’ GUI opens faster, but cursor moving is slower … :confused:

I’m wondering where is the a problem, if f.e. any graphical demanding game today runs so smooth, but Steinberg’s software does not. Is this macOS issue or?

I didn’t use Windows for 10 years, but as I remember, under old Win XP was no such a problem with graphics, and the graphics were running smoothly. On much worse PC machine (Pentium IV) than a MAC (12-core) today…

any graphical demanding game today

Games indeed writes to the GPU, not WaveLab.

Can you fix this PG? Is there anything going on to remedy the issue?

This is being studied.

There is a solution to have WaveLab 9.5 graphics as fast as WaveLab 9.0

  • Right click on “WaveLab Pro” in the Finder

  • Select “Get Info”

  • Select “Open in Low Resolution”

With all due respect, one of the main reasons I paid for an upgrade is the High DPI graphics! Will you be doing an update to fix the issue with frame rates?

The current solution is to answer your original remark:

Wavelab 9 was butter smooth on my Quad 4.0 i7 iMac with 32gb ram

that is, you can run WaveLab 9.5 as smoothly as WaveLab 9.0.
This being said, some researches are underway to have a smoother way to run WaveLab 9.5 with high quality graphics.

Many thanks PG, we know you guys can do it! : )

I have solved my issue with choppy and jittery cursor and editors in Cubase 10 and Nuendo 10 (and Premiere Pro).

The solution was fairly straightforward. I’d noticed that several similar threads in VI-Control, and Facebook Cubase groups had suggested trying alternative graphics cards such as an AMD Firepro. I have had x2 GeForce GTX1060 Turbo cards for the last 2 years, and had assumed that the jittery graphics were down to Windows10. But just yesterday I swapped out both of these to try a Radeon AMD WX7100 card, and WOW what a difference!!!

The WX7100 delivers very very smooth and detailed graphics, animation, rendering of everything I can throw at it. Nuendo and Cubase editors no longer pause or jitter. The cursor in the project window is now very smooth despite trying it with a template of over 2000 enabled MIDI tracks and 20 active VST tracks. Even Windows10 boots faster, and other apps such as Adobe’s Premiere Pro, After Effects are much more responsive and don’t jitter and pause for no reason.

And I’ve now freed up 3 PCIE slots on my motherboard. The GTX1060’s each require 2 slots.

I’ll report back with any updates in a week or so, but for now I’m going to stick with the Radeon WX7100 :slight_smile:

For info, my PC’s spec is: Windows10 Pro, SuperMicro X10DAI motherboard, dual CPU (2696v3), 128GB 2133MHz RAM, x3 4k displays and x1 2k display, x2 UAD Octo cards, UAD Apollo X8, x2 2TB SSDs RAID0.