Choppy GUI during playback


I’m experiencing a very strange behavior - the whole Cubase GUI is very choppy during playback.

See the video here:

RAM and CPU usage is at about 40%. I am using the Nvidia 1050Ti graphics card. Same thing on Cubase 10.x. I am using 29 VSTs, mostly NI Komplete Instances…

Any suggestions what’s wrong with the project?


It seems like this is a problem with Komplete Kontrol. If I load 20+ Instances, the whole GUI becomes choppy. If I use the instruments with Kontakt. No problems whatsoever…

Please let native instruments know about this. I’ve been in touch with them back and forth with issues surrounding kontakt and slow loading times of various synths in cubase and it took three months before they finally admitted there was an issue and are now looking into how to fix it. If you don’t persist it seems they just quietly forget about it.

Already opened a support ticket…