Choppy Microphone Recording

I’m trying to record vocals into Cubase Elements 9. Even though the waveforms show that all sound was picked up, playback is characterized by long periods of silence with occasional bursts of voice. I switched microphones and nothing changed, so it’s not a problem with the microphone. I raised the volume of the vocal track and that did not help either.

Sounds like your not running on ASIO driver. Devices\Device setup

Disable or adjust any gate or expander insert fx in your recorded track.

Just checked my settings. It is running on ASIO4ALL

Hi there! Sadly, (I wish it were that easy) I did not activate any gate or expander insert fx. This was a newly created blank audio track.

Found the problem! The track was preset to Male Lead Rock Vocal (using the preset of Piano+Vocal template). Too avoid this problem, just create a blank audio track.