Choppy performance when editing with lots of events


I have Cubase 12.0.52. I’m editing some Druns, and when i am moving some hits to the right position, the performance goes down drastically.

Here is a video example, moving some random hits around. You can see the delay between my actions (for example, drop) and the response (the audio goes to X position) [I included shitty audio of my keyboard and mouse so you can hear the delay too].

This is pretty annoying, and I don’t think my machine is the cause… I have a Ryzen 5 2600, with 24GB RAM and a NVidia GT750. I couldn’t include task manager on the video (as it hides when i do things in Cubase) but the CPU, GPU and RAM were stable around 20% usage, no spikes, so I don’t think is Resources-related (i think, but I could be wrong!)

The project has 30 tracks but without any plugins, and the buffer is meduim sized, so they aren’t the problem neither.

any Ideas? Thanks in advance!

I would say you are pushing your GPU to it’s limits , the 750 is an old card but still supported , can you monitor the gpu ?

Hi! I’ve the same problem but for way more larger project.
I usually work on metal drums with a tons of hit. Project from 30 to 45 minutes with 16 channels of drum and I usally do a tons of cut on the clips. the only way I found was to edit one song at time and bounce all the traks before edit the next.
Anyone now someting to do?

I’ve just install a new video card becouse every time i’m zomming or move a piece of clip, the video card going to 70% also with this new one.

windows 10 pro
intel i7 11700k
32gb ram
MSI Radeon RX 6650 XT 8g