Choral divisi, best approach?

I’m preparing a Dorico version of a piece currently in Sibelius. In that program, the attached works fine if I create a page break on the barline before the SATB explodes to S1, S2, A1, A2 etc. Am I right in thinking that that isn’t the way to do it in Dorico? (The most recent post I can find in this forum on a point similar to this is a couple of years old, so things might have changed since then.)

Provided the singers are held by section players, you can use the in-built divisi function, which can happen mid-system but just not that if it does, you’ll see a unison region from the start of the system up to the divisi change (rather than gaps).

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Yes, Divisi is the way to go for staff changes in vocal scores. Make sure your Players are Section, not Solo, for this to work.

Condensing is still a bit rough, particularly with lyrics, and to be honest, as you’re not going to singers individual parts (Dear God!), there’s no need. You can also hide/show staves with a System Break.

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Thanks, both. If - when I’ve imported the MusicXML version of this scene as a flow into Dorico - the choral parts aren’t Section players, can I change that once imported?

Yes, you can add an empty-handed section player by pressing Shift-Alt/Opt-P then pressing Esc without adding an instrument (as the instrument picker opens automatically), and after that dragging an instrument from elsewhere into the empty-handed player.

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There is also a hack to edit the XML file before input, so that it comes in as a Section, if that appeals.

Hey, that looks interesting! I’ll certainly have a look at that option.