Choral divisi issue

I am writing a piece for 6-part chorus and I need to do a divisi (Solo-Tutti) in a certain moment of the work. There is any way to group together the four soloists on a hand (above) and the tutti on the other (below)?

I am also wondering if it is possible to join together the Tutti Sopranos 1 & 2 and the Tutti Baritones & Basses (I want these sections to sing in unison during the soloists part). Maybe using the condensing tool? Or creating extra staves and hiding them?

Thank you!

Set the soloists up as separate players (grouped above) rather than as divisi parts. That would be relatively standard for choral notation. In the latest version(s) of Dorico, you can hide the solo staves when you do not need them.


What @Derrek said - in general the divisi tool is meant for sectional work (I.e sop I, II)

In setup:
Set up 4 solo players with the voices you’d like, moving them above the tutti chorus in order

Select them and create a new group (button at the bottom of left panel) - this ensures that they’re grouped and bracketed together (there is also another way to alter brackets in engrave mode)

Group together your remaining sectional players

In write mode, remove divisi (if you’d like to divide sops I and II for e.g then defo use this feature, it’s amazing)

Hope that helps

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