Chord and Lyric tracks disappear in LiveMods

MacOs Somoa on M1/M2

My chord-tracks and Lyrics-tracks disappeare in live-mods after i correct it more times.
In VST-Live they are visible.

I tried to copy/paste the tracks in VST-Live but there are is no way to do it.
I changed interface in inspector but without any success.

Is there any way to bring it back to live mods. The only way i found was to make the song again. But after correcting the lyrics mor times - the same happens.

.Hi @fko56,

can you please give us some more hints how to reproduce the problem? Something like

  1. Start VL, Select LYRICS, create Lyrics Track
  2. Enter a Lyric at Pos 2.1
  3. Connect VST Live MODS, Select LYRICS
  4. All is fine. MODS is showing the Lyric
  5. Enter another Lyric at Pos 3.1
  6. All is still fine.

When does the error appear?

Thank you,


If I do step 1 - 6 everything works.
Save the project and load it again - it works too.

Then I changed positions and text in the lyrics, save the project (not closing ist) and the lyrics still works as expected.

If I close the project and load it again the lyrics (and chords ???) are not visible in LiveMod. But in VST-Live they are still working.

And, as I wrote - there is no possibility to copy/paste lyrics/chords within the project.

If you think it is usefull you can download the archived test project here:



](Dropbox - Steinberg-Support - Simplify your life)

Greets from Austria

Fritz König

I tried a lot off different processes do find out why in LiveMod lyrics disapear.
The one and only reproducable procedure is using long lyrics (like Adele’s Rolling In The Deep, or Puff The Magic Dragon) and move them around until they fit the measures.
Shorter lyrics work as expected.
The missing ones appear at the video outputs or in audience view faultless. All in the same project.

Hallo Fritz,

I got exact the Same Problem. I Start a new Project which I import from Cubase ( VST Live Export function ) and check the Lyrics manually in VSTL. My iPad shows in realtime the Lyrics I enter. When the Host VSTL and the MOD App ist open, all is cool till the Host Programm is closed and reopen. All my Notes and Metronome are on the right place, but Chords and Lyrics are deleted. Well, in VSTL on my Mac there are still Lyrics and Chords in the right order.
I go some further, if I work on my iMac at home to prepare Projects all is fine, if I open this on my MacPro at work, Lyrics and Chords are away, too. But if I Create the Project at work on the Mac Pro, I can open and Close it with no problems.


  • Work on Apple Devices only
  • use the iCloud for Sync my Projects
  • At home and at work, I work with Audio Interfaces
  • VST Mod don’t show Text & chords: When Project at home is reopened // Is created at home and opened via iCloud at work // Sometimes make real Network trouble, so that my Mixer APP X32 lags. When VSTL is open at work my Networks an X32 App is goin Crazy and buggy, if I close VSTL all is fine and I can uses Fader on X32 as well.

At Work I tried last time with 4 iPads and VSTL Mod App and one VSTL on iMac.
For this Test I created a completely new Network with the Swissonic 19" Router from Thomann, and only 4 iPads / 1 MacPro / 1 iMac for X32 App / No Internet / X32 Station via Cat5:

  • Click is various between the 4 iPads
  • Network is overloaded
  • No Text and no Chords

The Next Months I got a big Project with 150-170 Clients which all need the Lyrics and Chords and Click… I Hope the Problem can be fixed.

Dear Steinberg Team, which Information do you need for Debugging?
I Can try at Monday to reproduce the Situation and can film it.

Greeting from Germany,

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My workaround:
I connect a monitor or beamer to the mac via hdmi and show the lyrics on this external monitor. Till now it works without any issue.
But if you need more than 2-3 monitors (if the mac can do this) the stage looks like a newsroom on BBC.
I do not know why. But in this moment i see all the lyrics inclusiv the hidden ones.
On Mac, iPad and VST-Live (latest on i use the latest version.

MacBook Pro M3, Sonoma, IPad Air

That will most probably not work, the network would almost certainly overload such that timing cannot be maintained anymore. For that, you would need to connect all clients with network cables.
It should work with 4 or some more clients though, we tested that with standard WiFi networks.

Oh speaking of. Is there an estimated kbps / peer (some range we can count in average)? I guess it’s a TCP/IP (not UDP broadc) type, right?

It’s both. Bandwidth (kbps) is close to nothing, except when project changes are transfered such as Lyrics or Chord changes, then it depends on the size of the data.

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Regarding sync, I guess some drifting it’s not a big deal with chords and lyrics, but with metronome…

Althought nor 150-170 IP addr. / MAC tablesize would be an issue for a WIFI-AP, but in reality 150-170 WIFI clients are quite much for any AP if need to provide time-critical packages.

In the case I would try, I would use 5GHz WIFI at least AC only (802.11ac) (or .ax) that would give me a fast speed and wide compatiblity with all recent iOS devices. Or would split devices to use WIFI-AP 2.4GHz freq chip too. And … yes… a hard point, but would probably hide my SSID’s.

Thanks fkalmus,

to split the router in 2,4 and 5 ghz is a good idea.
Next idea for me is splitting the Net into 5 Groups, Keys, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Vocals

So we got only 30 People on Drums 20 on Keys…

But my Main Problem is like the Post from Fko56.
My Lyrics and Chords dissapear and I can’t really tell you why. I can make videos from different Situations but they should all be the same. Only Mac Products. All Devices are logged on me and my personal Cloud and so on. I Got Same Programs and Plugins on all devices but the Disappear from Text and Chords still exists

One way could be to split the net in different lans.
I.e. a (powerfull) base router with 10 tehernet-boards, ten ethernet-cables to ten ap’s
Every AP has his own SSID. So you can control the number of clients per ap. Or you limit the max-clients per ap instead the different SSIDs.
That should work with relativly high datatransferrates per ipad.

Hallo Fko56

I tried much with VST Lyrics and Chords, because I got the same Problem. My Solution for this is:

  • Save after Editing as “Archive”
  • Open from Archive

Now All Chords and Lyrics has to be shown on iPad and are in the Project on you Mac.

If you simple press Save, Apples’s I Cloud, in my case, don’t really load all Files correctly, so the Text and sometimes Notes or else disappear.

Much Greeting,

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Same problem here, but the workaround with the archive also dont work in my case. When i import a media-project from another place (usb-stick, ext-harddrive) the lyrics are on the laptop visible (mac and win), but not on the ipad. i have to put the files manually in the same folder as the project and then import the cubase-media-project to main Project. otherwise i have empty lyrics and chords on the ipad.


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I tried this weeks ago. But it works not in any case.
I notized that this happens only when i sync vst-live files with nextcloud, dropbox etc.
Sometimes syncing stops with an error (mostly .mprjmidi files). It happens when VST-Live is not closed and syncing starts in the background. Doesn’t matter if i stored or archived vl-files. Only let VL open.
It seems that VL produces work-files after opening. This files are not syncing in a correct way.
Sometimes are syncing errors and nextcloud or dropbox asks for choosing files from local, server or both.
If i use VL strict local without an syncable folder the error and text-disapearing did not happen.
So i store everytime after writing lyrics a (correct working) archive-version. If the lyrics are gone i open the archive.
Positive side-effect: The archive is way smaller than my original vl-folder. Reason in my case is that i sometimes change the audio-stems in vl. All that old stems remain in the vl-folder. In the archive-folder are only real used ones.

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It does not. But when it opens files for playback etc, other services may not be able to access them.

But i wonder why it is visible on the mac and not on the ipad
from Usb:

manually copied in the main directory:


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Nothing we can do then it seems? We need to open those files.

Same Problem here, some Lyrics are gone on vst live mods

Another way to make the lyrics desapear on livemod is to set song replay on. On the first round lyrics are visible on livemod and on external monitor.
Then only on external monitor.

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