Chord Assistant in a normal window

I don’t understand the advantage of having those Cubase windows that disappear when you click anywhere else. Especially in the case of the Chord Assistant it would be so much more convenient to have it always there to play around in the Chord Track and click wherever you like. The little arrows can only go back and forth one by one, and the only option is to launch the Chord Pads, which is overkill for just a quick playing around to try out different chords.
Also the Assistant in the Pads doesn’t seem to have the List view, which is the one I use the most, and the Chord Editor, instead of being tabbed within the same window, is accessed from somewhere else. All too convoluted and inconsistent.
In fact, it would be great to have the Chord Assistant always readily available from some button in the toolbar.

Agree. I would like them to stay up as well. And while I am at it, it would be nice to be able to drag and drop chords from the assistant into the midi tracks.