Chord Assistant Window Free Positioning

today i was playing around with the chord assistant and i got two things that made me mad after a very short time.

  • the chord assistant window should be free positionable -> if you change the chord and have the scale also visible you cant see if the scale changes because the chord assistant window is on top of it. so it may happen that you change some chords and when you close the window of the assistant you see how you messed your scale.

  • the chord assistant window should behave like a plugin window -> if you have the chord assistent window open and want to set a marker or move the play bar or do somthing else you first have to close the chord assistant window, do the action and then open it again. this realy slows workflow. making it behave like a plugin window would solve the problem above too.

I like the chord assistant, but I don’t like to keep opening it all the time. Is it something I have missed or is it not possible to let the chord assistant be open in a separate window?

No, that’s what the OP is asking for.

If you do have the Chord Assistant window open you can use the arrow keys to move to the next or previous chord. But other than that you’ve got to keep reopening it. :frowning:

Good observation. That would improve it.