Chord Buttons above the keyboard

Hi Lars, I have Cubasis 2.8 and yesterday purchased Cubasis 3 which I think will be great.
In Cubasis 2.8 there are 10 Chord Buttons above the keyboard where you can configure your own chords
i.e. Fmin(maj 7), Fmaj7/G, Abmaj7/Bb, Cmin(maj7)/D dim 7, or two note chords.
This functionality is very important to me as I use it for rhythmic chord movements and pads.

In Cubasis 3 I cannot find Chord Buttons, if they’re not currently in this version please may I request that they come back
as they’re really useful. (For me they’re essential for how I arrange music).

Thank you for this great software.

Best Regards, David.

Hi David,

Thank you for your message.
I will add your feature request to the list.

& stay healthy,

This was in my list of bugs to be reported.


It’s one of the key attributes that I really depend on as I can do my own chord shapes and inversions and use non root notes for the bass of the chord… For me having the Chord Buttons above the keyboard where you can customise the chords from 2 note to 6 note (or more…) chords and play the parts on the screen. I do everything from the iPad screen using the virtual keyboard and in Cubasis 2.8 the Chord Buttons (as distinct from the Chord Pads which is different). To be perfectly frank, had I known that Cubasis 3 didn’t have Chord Buttons I don’t think I would have bought it as I’m dependent on them. Hopefully Lars and the Cubasis team will bring it over to Cubasis 3.
Thank you Lars for putting it on the list for future updates.

Also offer a copy/paste feature (in both v2 and v3) to copy the chord from one button and paste/replace into another button. These copy/paste buttons can be made visible in Edit mode.

Another nice feature would be to auto-highlight chord buttons in playback mode on sensing the chord notes in the MIDI if they exist in any of the buttons. This is like we manually tapping the chord buttons but in playback mode, the buttons need to auto-tap (highlight) on their own matching the chord button with the MIDI notes played - similar to how the keyboard keys/drum pads animate to MIDI notes in playback mode.