Chord Change Bug

I just updated to the latest version 2.2.10. After restarting a project I was working on, I noticed that there were some weird things going on with chord changes.

In the first example the chord should be Em7(b5) but shows without the flat.
altered bass 1.png
In the second example the chord should be D7/F# but shows without the slash and the sharp.
altered bass 1.png
I also tried creating a new project with a couple of bars and added chord changes. Same issue.

Is this a bug and if so, how do I get around this?
altered bass 2.png

Have you restarted your computer since updating?

Thanks pl for the quick response. That did the trick. I saw that on another thread but assumed I only had to restart Dorico (doh!)

Where fonts are updated, Windows must be restarted.