Chord charts

Finally in ver 1.1 I might be able to start working with Dorico. But as a lot of my work includes Chord charts I´m a little bit stuck. I found out pretty quickly how to change the notepad to a slashed one, but I can´t find a way to delete the stems. Or am I just so hung up in Sibelius so that I don´t see the way you folks have been solving this issue?

At the moment Dorico doesn’t have good support for rhythm slashes, though it’s something I hope we can work on soon. For the time being you can select a bar full of notes using slash noteheads, open the Properties panel at the bottom of the window, and in Engrave mode set ‘Stem length adjustment’ to -3.5 to shorten the stems. It’s very kludgy, of course, and we will implement a proper feature for slashes as soon as we can.

I’ve found that -2.2 works better for slashes.

Daniel, I know that you’re planning a smart slash feature.
Will you eventually also implement a simpler, general purpose ‘stemless’ property? If so - is there anything special holding this back, or is it just a matter of priority?

Yes, we do also plan to make it possible to make any selection of notes stemless by some means better than shortening the stems. We haven’t looked into this in any detail as yet.

This could be useful also for entering harmonics in string instruments notation, until you come up with a perfect solution :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply.

I tested it and that works fine as a work-around for now.

But now another thing popped up: If I try to copy and paste a bar (with cmd-C, cmd-V) It will copy chord names perfectly, but noteheads come up with a normal head so that I manually have to switch that back to slashed noteheads. The stem length though copy fine. Am I doing anything wrong here? Are there any workarounds on this or is this the situation for now?

Unfortunately this is indeed a current limitation: the notehead type is not copied and pasted. We will fix this as soon as we can.