Chord Choice Error


when i select a key - for example i change from maj to min - cubase select randomly the Key mode. So he jumps between sus then back to maj then sometimes nothing and everytime he changes the voicings to.

Everytime i click in the chord selector, Cubase change the chord by itsself - Random!!!

That’s so … buggy!

In your video it is difficult so see what is happening because you are clicking so quickly that there isn’t enough time to see what you clicked and compare that to the result you get.

Thanks for your answer. I just click one time on one Button and Cubase Changes randomly everything. Don’t you see that?


Weiß keiner, ne? Ihr seid mir ja Experten…dann lass ich wohl lieber den Kauf von Cubase Pro, wenn die “light” Version schon nicht richtig funktioniert…liebe Grüße!

As Rodger said, it’s difficult to see exactly what your issue is…you appear to be clicking many times so it’s hard to follow what’s going on to try and replicate.

I click on Chord Types and it changes as indicated, no errors. I can play a chord and more often than not, Cubase correctly identifies the chord. I can select a chord type and extensions and they are entered without any problem.

I didn’t see the video, but if you are using the Chord Pads you might be hitting the inversion button or the tension button without realizing it.

The only bug I’ve found in Chord track is when it says “Rebuilding Progressions.” But this can just be cancelled and hasn’t been a fatal error. Good luck.