Chord, Chord Pad, Scale & Info Bar Related Features

I would love to see some more refinements to the Chord Pads in the form of some type of integration with the Chorder or just features from the Chorder integrated directly within the Chord Pads.
Here’s some thoughts on that:
*****When using the chord pads, ESPECIALLY when playing piano or rhodes type sounds, I’d like to have the options that the chorder have like “played simultaneously, played fast, played slow, up, down, random, etc, etc…” (I know this can be achieved through actually playing out the chords and editing the individual notes in the midi editor but for time saving convenience, that’s why the chord pads are essential for quick idea lay downs that can turn into possible songs… Thus having those things integrated would be a huge improvement and would make the Chord Pads more functional IMO.)
*****Also… Adding the option to define more specifically the octave the pad(s) are in or using would be a nice addition.
*****Also… Allowing the Chord Pads section to be a detached window would make it better.

Here’s some thoughts on things I would like to see added to the information bar at the top:
*****Scale(s) you are currently using in your project.
*****When playing the keyboard, the names of the chords that you are playing are displayed as they are played.
*****Being able to resize the different sections of the Info Bar would be very helpful and welcomed.

I will update this when I see more things that I would like to see added