Chord Detection, MIDI Inputs Presets and some more

Would be great a chord detection from audio track feature. Cubase can take better advantage of the chord track! I like to made karaokes, so I must use an external software (deCoda) for detect chords and put them in Cubase manually. That feature would save a lot of time!

Another thing I miss is MIDI inputs presets. Actually we can select ‘All MIDI inputs’ (with all MIDI inputs you want to be here), or one especific input. The function I want would be like ‘All MIDI inputs’, but with different configurations. For example, one MIDI track I want it respond to my devices A, C and D, another MIDI track want it respond to my devices B and C… etc. Or, without presets, at least to can select multiple specific inputs in one track.

And some little (or ‘little’) functions I would like to see in Cubase are:

  • Dorico integration.
  • Bezier curves in tempo track.
  • Can to change Track Pictures in multiple tracks at once (like in Cubase 9, please!).
  • ‘Set Spacer between Selected Events’ function with bars and beats values (with seconds it is practically useless).
  • Multitrack free warp (of course).
  • Automation in Mix console snapshots.

And, for me, Cubase would is finished (well, more or less) :slight_smile: