Chord detection track?

Hi guys,

If I play MIDI piano for 4 bars, eg, C major, F major, C major G Major… Is it possible to have a track in Cubase which will detect the chords and display it as the chord track? I see the chord track is possible to write your own chords, but is it possible to have it detect the chords that are being played on midi parts? I would ideally like to have it detect a few midi tracks so I can know which chords I’m on.


Select the part with the piano chords.
Project > Chord Track > Create Chord Symbols


Information/modification only seems to flow from a chord track to a midi track, NOT vice versa. Chords that you select on the chord track are inserted in the monitored midi tracks, but there seems to be no recognition of chords that already exist in the midi tracks. Is that correct?